If you are a Dominant, living in Bangkok, a female over 21 years of age, hardworking and reliable, with a sincere, genuine interest in BDSM, interested in training to work in the Professional BDSM scene, please e-mail Mistress Nurie.


At "Thaidomina" you could find yourself working in a completely legal, safe and professional physical environment. The Women have a culture of integrity and value competence, team work and education. The dungeon facilities are excellent. Most Women, whether Dominant , conduct their sessions from " Mistress Nurie " for many years.


Part of that respect includes taking a professional approach to your business affairs. If you wish to use the facilities you will be expected to enter into a formal agreement with "Thaidomina". Thaidomina will not do business with fly-by-night or insincere individuals.


Feel free to contact me personally on e-mail. Send me a picture of you and you e-mail or contact number. We will keep any information of you in secret.


Mistress Nurie

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